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Fashion and Technology are like earth and sky, one is all about good looks and feels while the other one is all about solving the purpose. Fashion is like season which changes and keeps reminding you about the past, whereas technology is like nature which keeps surprising you in a lot of different ways. When both merge they form a perfect combination which can be called FashTech. FashTech is creating things which make the wearer feel fashionable by meeting their technological expectations. For instance we all love selfies but there are certain restrictions because ultimately we have to be in touch with the phone. Here technological needs have to be fulfilled but that too in a way that it keeps the wearer in fashion, thus a selfie drone is developed which can be worn on the wrist.

Below info-graphic features some of the most fascinating FashTechie things which are making the life better. It features some out of the box innovations like their latest belts. No one can imagine a belt which can even involve technology which instructs it for the automatic functions depending upon the situations. When you stand up your belt automatically gets tighter whereas when you sit your belt automatically loosens. With this it also remind you when you need to lose some weight.

Smart shoes and T-shirts which keeps you aware about your health though their sister mobile applications, smart jewelries keeps you updated about all the calls and messages. So explore all such fascinating things with below info-graphic created by Secret Vintage Collection.
Technology Meets Fashion - Infographic

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