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In the most recent display of the Islamic State’s terrible power. Militants have reportedly burned 45 people to death in al-Baghdadi, Iraq. Global outrage over attacks like this, have prompted President Obama and other Middle Eastern Countries to declare war on ISIS.
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So How Powerful is the Islamic State?

ISIS is a militant jihadist group trying to establish their own Islamic nation in and around the borders of Iraq and Syria. It’s currently battling local militias, the national armies of Iraq and Syria, as well as the US army and its affiliates…. And in many ways, ISIS is winning.
  • ISIS recently gained ground in Iraq and Syria, and the number of ISIS supporters in the region is reportedly growing.
  • The CIA estimates the number of ISIS fighters to be around 20,000 to 30,000 men strong, but others think that’s a low figure.
  • A Kurdish government official says 200,000 is a more likely number.
  • A UN Security Council report claims that ISIS has a stockpile of weapons and ammunition which can last 2 years.
  • The arsenal, according to the report, includes tanks, humvees, machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery.
  • ISIS also makes tens of millions of dollars per month on oil sales, kidnapping ransoms, theft, and donations.
  • According to a US Treasury briefing. Illegal trade of antiquities and mafia-like taxes on residents contribute to ISIS wealth, too.
Several news agencies called ISIS the wealthiest terrorist group currently in operation. And perhaps more than anything else, ISIS gets its power from the specter of fear that pervades the region.

Terrorizing Using the Internet

The militants use their own unique “brand” of terror, and social media platforms to their advantage.

ISIS: Convert to Islam or Die
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ISIS’s twitter accounts proudly update the world on every confirmed and unconfirmed act of violence. They have gone so far as to release gruesome videos depicting ISIS executions for the world to see. This media presence is used to successfully intimidate communities in the Gulf region and beyond. CNN reports that Iraqi soldiers and police have even fled their posts at the terrorists’ approach.

ISIS is arguably the most powerful terrorist group of modern time. It is stronger and wealthier than Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Currently, the UN and human rights groups are struggling to help innocent victims in the region, but excessive violence hinders their efforts.

However, as ISIS gains momentum in their attacks against the west and neighbouring muslim nations, governments can no longer turn their back on the terrorist threat. Jordan and Egypt have recently joined the US, Libya, Iraq, Syria and others in the fight against the Islamic State.

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