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Ukrainian artist elaborated a series of wedding dresses made of paper.
Image of Asya Kozina Ukrainian artist elaborated a series of wedding  dresses made of paper.
Asya Kozina studied the ancient sketches of traditional Mongolian wedding dresses and used her pattern cutting skills to design a wonderful wedding gown.

How Did It All Started?

She enhanced her passion for 'paper art making' while studying design at the University of Cherkassy after injuries have resulted in frustration to her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

According to Asya Kozina, the idea for the project came from her fascination of Mongolian wedding costumes. They are very extravagant and futuristic. She wanted to create her own version of these outfits and felt the white paper emphasised their shape.

Ms. Kozina was assisted by Anastasia Andreeva as the photographer, with the models wearing the designs making their project fruitful.

The two, however, encountered some difficulties as the models were unable to sit down throughout the shoot which took around five hours and if any parts of the paper crumpled it is impossible to restore the dress, so they had to be very careful.

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