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Image of 100 Japanese Girls Raped by a Single Man in Japan
Local police arrested a man who allegedly intoxicated drugs and raped at least 100 women who were tricked to believe that they will participate in a medical study in a clinic in Chiba, Japan.

The initial report of the authorities, many women from different areas responded to the advertisement seeking volunteers for "clinical research measuring blood pressure while sleeping" for two years until November 2013.

It is believed that the suspect, Hideyuki Noguchi, 54, gave the participating women sedative or hypnotic drugs, then urging them to go to the hot springs or resort hotel to were the girls will participate in his study.

Once women lost consciousness, Noguchi took the opportunity to rape them and he documented every single crime on a recorded video.

The video footage was also uploaded on the Internet and sold to porn film producers, saying the suspect earned more than 10 million yen (US $85,000).

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