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A simple birthday celebration for this day, February 8, as President Benigno Aquino III turning 55-years-old, spend this very moment with his family.
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Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said that the President will celebrate his birthday even plagued by criticism about Mamasapano incident.

“Whether in times good or bad, the President has always celebrated his birthday simply and with his family. So, I see no reason why the President would deviate. It will be a simple celebration—birthday celebration with his family,” said by Sec. Lacierda.

If mass is conducted for President Aquino, it would be considered as "thanksgiving". For his remaining 545 days in the office, continue to be in good health is what everybody's wish for the president. Especially, many of us had notice the frequent coughing when president is attending commitments either within or outside the country.

"He is the father of the nation, and he is responsible for the life of each and every one of us. We pray for health, we pray for peace, we pray for wisdom for the President. We pray that he will continue to be guided, and most especially, we ask the Filipino people to always pray for him. One of the things that we’ve always asked—and I’ve always asked privately to those friends of ours, not only to our friends from the religious sector," added by Sec. Lacierda.

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