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We heard the Mamasapano incident, a lot. It's been on news since it happened the last week of January this year. We have these brave fallen 44 servicemen who protected us away from terrorism. The soldier serves security, peace and order and so the government. If we look more closely, government and troops main goal is to protect our territory, either by land and water. Our country is made of groups of islands, thousands of it.

Image of the Philippine archipelago

In the past, the Philippines has 7,107 islands especially during high tide. However, eversince the China has their involvement on Spratlys and the Bangsamoro Basic Law where autonomy seems leading to seperation.

Have you ever asked yourself about the remaining numbers of islets in the Philippine archipelago?

The BBL is not yet to worry, the implementation of this is still a big question mark but let's add this one, anyway.

Map of Philippines is Shrinking?

The political and territorial problems are really BIG liability for Philippine government, including the establishment of a Bangsamoro Sub-State, plus the continuous claims of China on islands in the West Philippine Sea.
  • China has banning Filipino fishermen in Panatag Shoal which is just 230 kilometers closer to the people in Masinloc, Zambales.
  • China also built some structures after occupying islands of Spratlys making them more formidable. Hence, allowing Chinese personnel to start cultivating plants, get resources and have total control on island's territory by building barrier of warship.
  • Recently, three boats of the Filipino fishermen were destroyed to prove how violent methods China is practicing on their pre-owned islands.
These are ways of how China reclaimed other parts of the Philippines.

The Legal Chitchat Battles Begin

Well, the Philippine government made the China laughed when they appealed for democratic protest. Above all, I don't even remember if the President Noynoy Aquino cursed China for bullying.

I hope that these claims of China will not go further to Mindanao and Sulu. It's certain, China will face its consequences, Muslims are ready for their bloody fight. Perhaps, if the Moro Republic becomes sub-state, diplomatic protest may not the answer of Muslim people, but rather gunfires, cannon and bombing.

China is almost breaching the mainland of Philippines. But the government is afraid, saying that we can not afford fighting back China and we just have to address it in diplomatic way. Are we lacking of weapons or is our president don't have the guts to make China respect our ground?

Singapore, which is perhaps the size of Cebu, defend its territory against Malaysia and other invaders. We have 100-million population, huge land and larger sea. So, why we would allow 7,107 islands be infiltrated by invaders?

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