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Image of American singer David Pomeranz performs on Filipino
To cheer and rejoice Quezon City Hall employees, barangay officials, firefighters, elderly and people of QC. The international balladeer David Pomeranz that popularized the songs “Got to Believe in Magic” and “King and Queen of Hearts,” will be serenading this Tuesday, February 24, 5: 00 pm at Quezon City Hall as post-Valentine gift of QC government.

The concert is dedicated by QC Mayor Herbert Bautista for aforementioned tribute and gratitude to his counterparts in the progress and economic development of the city.

According to Dr. Ruby Palma, head of QC Gender and Development Resource and Coordinating Office (GADRCO), that David Pomeranz concert also serves as part of city's cultural activities for the celebration of the Arts Month this February and as a prelude to the celebration of Women's Month in March.

The concert is also part of the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Quezon City government.

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