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Image of Australian pedophile Peter Scully
Arrested Peter Gerald Scully wearing orange t-shirt, child who victimized by the pedophile which later rescued by the NBI Agent Francisco, remains of a 10-year-old girl who killed by "Porn King".

It was the year 2011 when an Australian pedophile begins to operate—known as the "Porn King" who prey on young girls. The youngest on the victims of his crime, a girl that is more than one-year-old of her age.

The staff of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is still looking for at least four foreigner allegedly accomplices Australian pedophile Peter Scully.

Scully was dubbed "Porn King" because of his pornographic acts, was arrested by personnel of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division of NBI in Bukidnon.

Even an Innocent Baby was Victimized

Upon collecting evidence against the criminal, it appeared to be the youngest victim is only one and a half-year-old baby. It revealed that suspect used spurt melted wax candles in the genitals of his child victims.

According to Atty. Eric Nuqui, chief of the NBI-AHTD, victims of Scully were severely suffered from being tortured, which eventually causes death to one of his victims.

In Surigao City where Scully used to reside, investigators have unearthed skeleton that was cemented inside the septic tank believed to be a corpse of 11-year-old girl who went missing for quite some time.

Victims were molested, chokes and supposedly belt beaten while hanging upside down. Also, he recorded videos while doing such acts then upload it in his own porn website.

According to Nuqui, even the parents of the young victims may also be charged if proven that they had responsibility for the plight of their children.

How Pedophile Lured These Children

It said Scully's modus was convincing parents he will going to adopt those children—soon to be his victims and promising them for a better life.

NBI Director Virgilio Mendez pledged, they will do everything to have the foreigner bear the punishment for the crimes he commited on his victims.

According to the report, while the case strengthened against Scully and keeps on progressing, NBI interacts with their counterparts to catch Scully's partners-in-crime abroad.

There is no doubt that rape cases and murder is increasing. Should we say that it's time to bring back death penalty here in Philippines? Tell us your comment below.

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