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I've been receiving a lot of e-mail requests asking on how to unlock or open-line Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T. Finally, I have my precious time to answer some of you guys and I do have this device, a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T from T-Mobile which I borrowed from my colleague.

Unfortunately, this unlocking procedure is only (and should be) done by a certified cellphone technician. I shall not be held responsible if in case you used it the wrong way. Why? Because we need a special gadget (kind of software box) to do the job.

I wrote this up not because there maybe an involvement for the service fee but to inform you that your device isn't just a play toy, always-offline-forever, and have to hold on to your previous network. Rather making your smartphone just for WiFi or for game playing, why not unlock it to fully enjoy its features, right? I mean, use your phone to its maximum, make calls, send text messages and use the cellular network data connection.

Now, unlocking the phone requires rooting. There are several ways we can root the device, like Kingo Root or iRoot (formerly vRoot). But the one that I have prepared is the Auto root file for Galaxy S5.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Go and grab your micro USB data cable.
  • Download CF-Root zip package for Galaxy S5. Extract the zip file to a new folder.
  • We need to install USB drivers on your PC, the best way is to download and install Samsung Kies.
  • Turn on the phone. Make sure it has enough battery charge before rooting. Tap Settings go to Developers Options and Enable USB debugging.
  • Turn off the phone, press and hold down these buttons (Volume Down, Home, and Power) at the same time until there is warning pop-up on your screen.
  • To continue press Volume Up button.

Flashing Root File Using Odin3

  1. The phone must be on download mode, then connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC using the micro-USB data cable.
  2. See that Odin3 detects your device with COM Port where it is detected. Checked Auto Reboot and F. Reset Times, leave the rest of Odin settings to default.
  3. Click the PDA button and locate the folder for where CF-Rooted file was extracted and hit the START to begin the flashing.
  4. When Odin3 completed the flashing, it leave a green box with the word RESET!! or PASS!!, automatically, your phone will reboot.
  5. Look for the SuperSU app installed, check if rooting is successful. If not, retry rooting without checking Auto Reboot or use Kingo Root or iRoot instead.
This rooting works perfectly fine on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 that runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat version.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T Using Z3X

Image of Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T Using Z3X
  1. First, we need to enable diag mode. Go to Settings, About and tap Build Number at least 7 times (this also enable USB debugging).
  2. Then, go back in the main screen, dial *#0808# and choose AP, at the bottom choose DM+MODEM+ADB and then press OK.
  3. Since we already rooted the device, open the Z3X and choose SM-G900T.
  4. Choose the COM where Samsung Android USB Interface is located. Check your Device Manage to see it clearly.
  5. Press Read Info, Wipe EFS and make sure that you put a check on Skip backup/restore NVM.
  6. Wiping EFS temporarily remove the IMEI (see the screenshot IMEI is unkown). After the whole process, press Write Cert, reload the data by using good certificate. Choose, any of these two.
I suggest try my first choice because that works really good and it's personally tested by me.

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