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Yesterday, I wrote an article about Invalid IMEI of Myphone Android phone which was fixed by the help of Engineer Mode. Today, I also have another Android device that is running with MediaTek (MTK) chip, I guess this is the best copy of Samsung Galaxy S5.

This may sounds great since this is a Galaxy S5, however don't get too excited this one is just a clone copy. Clone copy has flaws revealed after a few navigation and installation of apps like lags making your Android unit unresponsive. Well, the next move is to hard reset the device.

Before resetting it, be aware that this cause the IMEI to get invalid. Ooops, is it too late for me to tell you about this? Is it why you searching for the solution and Google led you to my blog? Ok, don't worry I do have a brief tutorial to have your Samsung Galaxy S5 clone copy invalid IMEI resolved.

Anyway, I suggest you need to read this article first about how to fix invalid IMEI of an Android to get some ideas.

This is fried and toasted to Galaxy S5 SM-G900H with Baseband version G900HXXU1ANCI and runs on Android version 4.4.2 (KitKat).

Engineer Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone

  1. First dial *#*#3646633#*#*.
  2. Locate the GPRS.
  3. Update the IMEI for the Phone 1 and Phone 2, then reboot.
See? It takes only 3 steps to make that solution for the invalid IMEI!

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