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Yesterday was my wife's birthday (April 2) and working abroad misses a lot of important moment. I come up with a gift idea that should somehow unusual. So, I'd searched the web for any video editing apps that could help me make a professional music video since I really love Thinking Out Loud Cover by Caleb Hyles.

Researching led me to try Viva Video which is a mobile video editor that has great features and it’s Free of cost, not unless you buy the paid version. Installing Viva Video on your mobile device gives you an ultimate access for editing while on-the-go. It is available for both Apple and Android devices, this article however focuses sole for Android.
Image of Viva Video App for Phone and Tablet
What I really love about Viva Video is its simplicity. Even you don't have any idea on the first tryout by navigating its interface you will then familiarized on how to work with it.

To start your video editing career, just import your videos from gallery or capture it directly using Viva Video camera then add effects after recording. You can also make your own photo collage or photo movie on Viva Video.

Anyway, here are some important things I would likely to introduce when you are trying the Viva Video on the first test.

Some Things that are So Simple

  • Add clip - You can add lots of clips from your gallery. Just click on add clip icon and select a video and trim it. Note- All clips must not be more then 5 minutes.
  • Edit Clip – You can edit your clips manually to get the perfect clip. You can add slow motion, copy, split and delete selected clips.
  • Theme – This applies a theme on your videos before it is played. There are lots of themes and you can also download additional themes for free.
  • Fx – This applies a special effect on your clips. Like Blast, Thunderbolt, Flappy bird, love, kiss, angel etc. You can download more FX too.
  • Filter – You can add filters on your videos using this tool. Some filters are Rain, Blossom, Cloudy etc.
  • Transition - Transition refers to the style of the way a clip ends and a new clip starts. As usual, there are lots of transition available to use and more transitions can be downloaded too.
  • Title – You can add texts on your videos displaying your movie name, Editor, Voices by or just your names to keep it as a memory. There are styles like love, Cloud etc. You can enlarge your texts by pinching out and the color of the text can be changed too.
  • Music – You can add Music on your videos too. There are only 5 music’s available To use But fortunately you can select unlimited music from your gallery.
  • Dub - You can record your voices while the video is playing . This is great for uploading tutorials or just having fun.

What is with Free Version?

  • Its simple and very easy to use so you don't need any advance knowledge about video editing.
  • It has all the useful features even if you are using the free version.
  • It’s free of cost download it on Playstore or Appstore.
  1. It has only 5 pre-installed musics but who needs it when you can have your library included, right?
  2. It leaves a watermark on right bottom of the video. Upgrade to Pro version to remove it.
This short video is funny yet full of special effects was made by using Viva Video PRO which the APK file attached on the sources below. The download link for the full version of Viva Video PRO can be found inside the box. Remember, this is for educational purpose only buy the app to support further development.
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