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Filipino Style "Instant Pinakbet"
Image of Filipino Style Instant Pinakbet
The Filipino "pinakbet" is soon bought in the market, an instant Ilocano-dish where you just have to add hot water and mix powdered anchovies, onion and garlic... and food is served!

This product is 'ready-to-eat' making long and tedious preparation of this favorite cuisine can now be avoided. A new Filipino product which we can proud of, not only in the country but also around the world.

The Department of Science and Technology (DoST) Secretary Mario Montejo visited the Food Innovation Center (FIC) in Cagayan State University (CSU)-Carig campus of Region 2 (Cagayan, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya), he concluded that the promising production of instant pinakbet can keep pace with the global market.

Regional Director Urdujah Tejada said that this "instant pinakbet" was made possible with the use of technological innovation. Also, the high-tech equipment were acquired with the
support of Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program or SETUP of DoST.

Image of Instant Pinakbet
The innovative technology were equipped, such as vacuum deep fryer, water retort and spray dryers, which desiccate vegetables and other components turning them into powdered-mix.

There are entrepreneurs already expressed intention of commercializing FIC products, which also processes fruit, fish and meat goods. It was revealed that FIC has facilities in Davao City and will soon to have in Visayas, as training, research and testing center.

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