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I saw people posting images about taglines, slogans, and almost remarkable lines from Filipino TV ads or shows. They asking for answers from certain phrases that somehow familiar. You know, like the previous "4 Pics 1 Word" guessing game. In first, I thought this game was something I should not get my attention with. But later many are playing this on Android and the game gain its popularity.

Sloganizr is really enjoyable and cool, maybe that's the reason why everybody loves it.
What is Sloganizr Game for Android?
Every brand has a story, but it's the one-liner that are always remembered.

Are you ready to take the Pinoy tagline challenge? Sloganizr is a fun, trivia-guessing game of pinoy brand taglines over the years.
Image of SLOGANIZR APK - The Pinoy Tagline Challenge
Image of SLOGANIZR APK - The Pinoy Tagline Challenge
Image of SLOGANIZR APK - The Pinoy Tagline Challenge
Reminisce and learn while you play. Play the game, test your knowledge and see how many Pinoy taglines you remember. It's a throwback while learning!
Sloganizr is currently not available on Google Play Store because BluLemons Gaming Studio still improving the gaming experience and adding more Pinoy Taglines.
Eventhough this game still under its development stage. Many are requesting to put it already on the Google Playstore to get feedback or improvements for the game. Or I think maybe they want it already because it is really hard to find in the Internet. Placing on Google Play may boost numbers of downloads.

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