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Are you worried about the Internet charges may occur on your account? You might need to configure your Samsung Galaxy (this is for the users of A5, A3, and A7). Helpful reminder for those who are about to travel across the country or overseas.

Check your settings first before keeping your phone on your handy bag or pocket.

Here's How to Turn On/Off Your Data Services

Image of Here is Turn Off Data Services on Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, and A7
  1. On your phone screen, tap Apps icon.
  2. Choose and tap Settings.
  3. See Connections and tap on More networks.
  4. Hit Mobile networks.
  5. Tick Mobile data.
  6. Tap Data roaming and select OK.
Now to be more precise of not having charge for using Internet connection while using your SIM. I would likely suggest to uncheck Mobile data forcing your device data connection to turn off entirely.

Only SIM data service is paused, still you can connect to the Internet with the used of WiFi.

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