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Heavy traffic is just a normal thing here in Metro Manila. There were several mobile apps that are now available to download helping motorists avoid traffic jams.

Again, MMDA has approved launching the new mobile software named ‘Friend Trip‘, which allow users to start carpooling with their Facebook friends.
Image of MMDA Friend Trip App
Using the open ID, the apps connects on your Facebook account. So here are the benefits you can get when using the Friend Trip App.
  • Create and schedule your trips.
  • You can offer rides to your Facebook friends.
  • Join rides scheduled by your friends.
  • Logs your joined trips and even trips you offered.
This app is free to download on Google Play. Currently available for Android users. And soon to hit AppStore for iOs devices.
Source of Friend Trip App:
Friend Trip is a mobile software made by Megamobile Inc. and is supported by MMDA.

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Thanks! Found this app really interesting. Thanks again for sharing this review.

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