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For the first time, Avril Lavigne spoke out about her battles with her Lyme disease. In an interview with Good Morning America, the tears poured down from the 30 years old Complicated singer while recalling her state on fighting against the disease. The singer was bedridden for almost five months, and recently thought she was "dying" because of the worsen symptoms including loss of appetite, and unable to walk or move.
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She said, she's taking her antibiotics to recover from the disease, soon her treatment will be completed and as for her... she is "doing a lot better." She hopes to be completely healed.

On the other hand, because of her intense struggles, the Canadian singer learned how her fans loves her that much. She sat there in her bed and watched fan videos showing their support for her. She had a new viewpoint in life after the singer been through a lot of life challenges.

"It’s a second shot at life!", Avril Lavigne.

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