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An allegedly former mayor from Belgium was arrested in Bohol for sexually abusing girls of the younger age. At first, the pedophile befriends every children he meet in the community and when he had his target's trust. He let them use illegal drugs, drunk and have them sex.
Image of Pedophile Caught in Bohol Philippines Sexually Abusing Pre-teen Girls
The NBI agents served a warrant of arrest and caught Prosper Slachmuylders lying along the bed with a naked pre-teenage girl while he is being arrested. Slachmuylders, 76 years old, was residing in Purok 2, Barangay Soom, Trinidad in Bohol, Philippines.

The Belgian national grants scholarship to these children and others are hired as his housemaids. Most of the victims are high school students from age of 12 to 17.

To do his crime, Slachmuylders intoxicates his young victims. These minor girls sometimes are unconscious allowing the pedophile to take their images while nakedly exposed on the front of camera. In most cases, the suspect records the video while having sex with young girls.

One of his victim spoke out, a sixteen years old girl said that every night Slachmuylders asked for massage which later forced her to have sexual intercourse with the man. She can't refused, the pedophile threats to kill her.
Director of NBI, Atty. Virgilio Mendez said, "These innocent victims are prone to this kind of activities due to poverty."
The recovered computer shows that at least 30 girls were being molested by the suspect. This also includes Slachmuylders having affair with a pregnant woman based on the videos and photos saved in the hard drive.

A Filipina named Meshel Borja was also arrested, an alleged recruiter along with the pedophile.

NBI reassured that the victims identities will remain protected but they are asking support from the victims while sending this guy to jail.

The Belgian pedophile is now facing Child Abuse, Child Trafficking and Illegal Possession of Pornographic Materials of Children.

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