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A mother's love, nothing can ever surpass mom's milk formula!
Image of Group of Mothers Simultaneously Breastfeeding in Fabella Hospital
As claimed by the Department of Health (DoH), encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first six months after birth to ensure that they will be healthy. This is due to the fact that there were 36,000 newborns die each year.
“[With breastfeeding,] we are not only giving nourishment to our children but more importantly, the love that we feed our children cannot be substituted by any milk formula to help their optimum brain development, growth, and healthy nutrition,” statement by the Health Secretary Janette Loreto-Garin that read back by DoH Assistant Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial during the Breastfeeding Summit this last Thursday.
The secretary also cited the only three essential needs of every newborn babies;
  1. the warmth of the mother's embrace.
  2. food from mom's breast
  3. and the security that gets in the presence of its own mother.
All of this which will be provided by breastfeeding.
In an interview, Ubial mentioned “There’s a 50 percent difference in the mortality of infants who are not exclusively breastfeeding. With breastfeeding, the 36,000 infant deaths will decrease for about a half. We can save 18,000 babies dying before their first birthday by exclusive breast feeding.”
It is also important, according to the DOH, to continue breastfeeding the baby until two years or more to ensure its health and immunity.

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