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I have Huawei Y600 phone which cannot get signal to any network with any any SIM card I attempted to use. Upon checking I learned that the IMEI was corrupted. Too bad guys doing a hard reset confirms that the IMEI will surely becomes invalid! Be careful of doing so. Anyway, the issue is not so big as me, myself found the solution on how to fix invalid IMEI for Huawei Ascend Y600.
Image of Invalid IMEI of Huawei Y600 Fix
To be exact, my smartphone is Huawei Y600-u40 from Vodacom. I guess this will also work to other variants like Huawei Y600-U00, Huawei Y600-U20 (Huawei Y600-UXX). I check the internet for the precise fix but none so far are truly working so I ended up making some few trial-and-error, a self-experimentation.

Fixing Invalid IMEI for Huawei Ascend Y600

Huawei Y600 is running on an MTK chip (Mediatek), so the first thing come up on my mind is the Engineer Mode. I tried to use number combination to pull it up, however Engineering Mode for Myphone Agua Rio Craze and Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone are both ineffective.

I found the alternative way getting to Engineering Mode of Huawei Y600. But there are some objectives we need to do first. And these are;
  1. Write the IMEI on a piece of paper or on the Notepad of your computer. Check the codes behind the phone, just remove the battery.
  2. Root Huawei Y600.
  3. Install Engineering Mode app and grant root access.

How to Root Huawei Y600

The only way for me to root my Huawei Y600 is by the help of iRoot, Kingo Root somehow failed. Check this link to get the installer for iRoot or Kingo Root. I haven't root my device using the APK Android app, instead I did rooting on my computer.
Image of How to Root Huawei Y600
To root the Huawei Ascend Y600;
  1. Install iRoot or Kingo Root on Computer. I recommend iRoot personally.
  2. Turn on your phone, go to Settings, About, at the very bottom tap rapidly the Build number for at least 5 times. Go back to Settings, choose Developer options, turn it on and put a check on USB Debugging.
  3. Have a USB cable, plug your Huawei Ascend Y600 on the computer.
  4. Run iRoot and wait until the rooting procedure is completed.
Image of Rooted Huawei Y600

IMEI Invalid Solution Huawei Y600 Engineering Mode

Image of IMEI Invalid Solution Huawei Y600 Engineering Mode
Now that we have rooted the device we can now proceed to the last part. Follow these steps below to fix your "Huawei Y600 Invalid IMEI".
  1. Download, extract and install Engineering Mode MTK apk, this Android app has a shortcut icon to get us into Engineering Mode.
  2. Once install, open the app and grant root access.
  4. Phone 1 is the IMEI 1 or SIM 1.
  5. Tap PHONE 1 then type AT +EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_NUM_HERE"
  6. You should place the IMEI inside quotation marks ("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
  7. For example, AT +EGMR=1,7,"352330064784692"
  8. Tap the Send Command button.
  9. Restart the phone.
  10. Check IMEI by dialing *#06#, IMEI should be restored and now your phone has the ability to get signal from your network!

Watch IMEI Restoration for Huawei Y600

I know for sure that this article of mine is very informative. Yet, I captured a video tutorial on how I was able to fixed my Huawei Y600 Invalid IMEI and it's now on Youtube.

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