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Hi folks, you might encountering a big problem when you try to do a software update on your Samsung Note 3 N9005 32GB. Especially, if you do the update using the Samsung Kies or Odin with the Android version Lollipop.
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I tried flashing my Note 3 N9005 via Odin 3.09 and on the device screen I saw 3 lines of red text messages saying...

These Are Errors I Found;

"UDC start
Volume size is too big 4620288 < 4718592
ODIN: Invalid ext4 Image"

So, this is what happened... I tried to flash Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N9005 XEF N9005XXUGBOF1, a Lollipop 5.0 ROM with Arabic language support to my device via Odin. But when installing system it said failed, even if I tried restoring several times the result is same. I used Odin 3.09 and then tried v1.85 after reading some suggestions from the Internet. Unfortunately, it didn't do the trick to help my case. My phone is now bricked!

Be very careful when downgrading back to Kitkat because you may lose the IMEI!

How to Flash Samsung N9005 Note 3 LTE 32GB

Don't panic guys, it's not the end for your precious phone. Only is that we need to flash it with the right firmware and right PIT file.
  1. First, download the Samsung Kies and have Odin 3.09 ready. Samsung Kies is very important because it helps us to install the necessary device driver software that essential for flashing procedure.
  2. Now, download the stock firmware from Samsung for SM-N9005 GALAXY Note 3 LTE.
  3. In my case, I need Arabic firmware for the Note 3 N9005 so I downloaded one from Samsony. Get the Samsung N9005 on this source.
  4. Now, turn off the device and put it on "Download mode". To do this press and hold Home button and Volume down button at the same time. Then, press the power switch... As soon as the screen boot up release all the buttons and click Volume up to continue. Download mode is also known as Odin Mode.
  5. Plug the device on your Computer using the micro-USB cable. Run Odin 3.09, extract the zip file from the downloaded firmware. After extracting the file extension for the flashfile, it should be .tar.md5. Click PDA or AP box, locate the firmware on your computer. Odin must have detected the COM ports of where your smartphone is connected.
  6. This is the most important part of flashing. We need to load the PIT file as well. Get the Samsung N9005 LTE PIT File for 32GB on my Google Drive, extract the zip file. Hit PIT button and choose the PIT from extracted file.
  7. Tick Auto Reboot, Re-Partition, and F. Reset Time and then click Start button.
  8. Wait 'til flashing is completed.
  9. PIT file job is to partition the 32GB chip while using the universal flashfile for Samsung N9005.
  10. When everything is good Odin will says, RESET! and later change to PASS! Which means that the device software update is finished.
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Wait until your phone boots up, if it's stuck with Samsung Logo, try to make recovery mode. By pressing and holding Volume up and Home button. Click your power button as soon as the Android logo pops up on the screen release the power button. Navigate using Volume keys select by using switch (power button) wipe factory reset and wipe cache.

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