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The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) saved a seaturtle [pawikan] that was stranded on the part of Pier 13 in Port Area, Manila.
Image of Pawikan Saved Near Port Area of Manila
Based on PCG spokersperson Armand Balilo, their staff were patrolling around the port area were then they spotted the sea turtle.

First, pawikan was brought to Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center in Quezon City to take its refuge, this endangered seaturtle was under observation to see whether it has sickening condition or wounded especially with severe pollution in Port Area.

PCG also noticed that seaturtle seems exhausted possibly it was carried away by strong waves caused by the southwest monsoon or habagat.
Image of Pawikan napadpad sa Port Area Maynila
The seaturtle soon to be released but it depends on the recommendations of experts.

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