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This Wednesday morning, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) approved the accreditation of Uber as one of the transportation network company. LTFRB Executive Director Roberto Cabrera, chairman of the accreditation committee mentioned, effective accreditation of Uber started that day. Uber next job is the registration of 5000 private vehicles to be used.

Initially, GrabCar got the first approved accreditation.

Meanwhile, the board is also waiting for the three other app-based taxi service to file their application.

Although, it's holiday in Quezon City, the Technical Department of the regulatory board is open for the franchise and application for accreditation.

Starting the next days, authority will arrest the app-based transport services that are not accredited as transportation network company.

Besides imposition of P200,000 fine, the caught vehicle will be impound for three months .

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