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Image of Epal Moves of Mar Roxas
What can you say when you see the face of Mar Roxas?

Although Mar Roxas is a first-rate due to his political experience, people however are still not convinced about his true agenda. Maybe he is good, but most of Filipinos think every effort he committed were just 'Epal' moves.

For your further information, Manuel "Mar" Roxas II (born May 13, 1957) is a big name in the Philippines politics.

He is the son of the former Senator Gerry Roxas, and grandson of former President Manuel Roxas.

He dubbed as "Mr. Palengke" due to his excellent performance when he was secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, Phils.
Image of Mar Roxas Epal
Meanwhile, if you are going to ask me "what would I say about Roxas?", like many other Filipinos, he is definitely a great "EPAL".
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