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Samsung SM-G900A Galaxy S5 is a variant exclusively distributed by Samsung for AT&T subscribers. Since the phone came from the US, end-users must unlock or openline the device allowing them to enjoy other SIM cards aside from AT&T. The good news is that unlocking Samsung SM-G900A Galaxy S5 is not a big deal. A local service technician can do the job for you. Besides, this is the next option pop-up on your mind when your contract is about to finish at AT&T.

Having said that this unit is originally made for the US. This Galaxy S5 SM-G900A has a great chance to spread evenly worldwide. Especially, if someone sent you this S5 as a gift package or somehow you bought this Android phone online.

Well, seems everything suits on my expectation. A friend here in Saudi asked for my help about unlocking and flashing his Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A. With the support of Z3X, I was able to unlocked his S5. However, when I checked the Samsung support none of any firmwares available for SM-G900A supports Arabic language. Browsing the Internet for the possible solution led me to install MoreLocale 2 from Google Play. Mostly, language enabler like this requires root access. Observing the tweak made by locale language enabler apps doesn't do the favor for my Arab friend. Arab, or Saudi nationals prefer to use Arabic language rather than English [due to the character differences of Arabic and English, and we all aware that a national language is a pride of every nation].
Image of Arabic Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A AT&T
Image of Arabic Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A AT&T Sample Image 1
Image of Arabic Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A AT&T Sample Image 2
After learning the limitation of 'language enabler' apps. I searched online for any Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A. But there is no such confirmation whether Arabic and other Asian languages are available on the software package. So, I set my self to produce my own ROM making Arabic language possible on AT&T's SM-G900A Galaxy S5. I am glad that for the very first time I was able to make my own custom ROM.

Flashing Samsung SM-G900A Using Stock Firmware

Before applying this custom ROM of mine. I highly suggest to revert your Samsung Galaxy S5 back to its original firmware. Please follow this procedure and do this with your own risk. I'm not reliable for any damages if you did it in the wrong way. Also, creating back up is advisable.

1. First, download and extract this Odin3 v3.09 on your desktop. Make sure that Samsung Kies is already installed on your PC.
2. Download and extract Stock Firmware 4.4.2 SM-G900A_G900AUCU1ANCE. Includes BL, AP, CP, and CSC. I was able to restore my phone with Odin3 v3.09 using these files. If you are running with G900A_UCU2AND3 that's ok since both are 4.4.2.
3. Put your device on Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume down button, Home button, and Power switch at the same time. Release all buttons once the screen turned on. Press Volume up button to continue.
4. Plug your phone on the USB to your computer.
5. Put AP, CP, and CSC. Don't worry about the 'BL' or bootloader, just leave it blank. Hit start to begin software. Wait until finish and reboot your phone.
Do a factory reset if the phone failed to boot normally by holding volume up, home button, and press power switch. Release the power switch once the screen turned on but keep pressing volume up and home button until it switches to recovery mode. Use volume keys to navigate the menu and power switch to select.

How to Root Samsung SM-G900A AT&T S5

Ok, we already go back to the stock firmware version. So, the next move is to install TowelRoot to gain root access and SafeStrap to install custom recovery.

1. Navigate the phone and tap Setting. From Setting tap Security then tick the Unknown sources ("Settings"->"Security"->"Unknown Sources").
2. Open the default Android Internet browser, Go to "" (I personally recommend default browser instead of Chrome).
For the alternative, I uploaded the TowelRoot App here, just download, extract and install.
3. Going back from the step 2, when you are already on the TowelRoot website. This is what the homepage looks like, a Lambda icon (see screenshot below).
Image of TowelRoot website
Tap the sign of Lambda, and download the "tr.apk" which is the towelroot app. Once the download is complete, install the app on your S5 G900A.
4. Check your apps drawer, look for the newly installed TowelRoot app. Open the software and tap on "make it ra1n" to root your device. When rooting is complete open your Google Playstore app.
Image of How to Root Samsung SM-G900A AT&T S5
5. In your Google Play search for the ""SuperSU"" and install app from chainfire. After installing the SuperSU open it and do the binary installation.
Image of root your Samsung SM-G900A Galaxy S5
Completing these 5-steps to root your Samsung SM-G900A Galaxy S5 means that now you have the root permission and be informed that doing this will tripped your Knox.

Installing SafeStrap and Custom Recovery

SafeStrap is a custom recovery that is developed to avoid harming the primary system such as Galaxy S5 from AT&T. With safestrap recovery, you can perform updates by installing zip files, make back up, do the restore and other boot option menus. Follow this tutorial to successfully install SafeStrap on your phone.
Image of Installing SafeStrap and Custom Recovery
  1. Download and install this BusyBox on your phone. Now, run the BusyBox, grant root access and install the system scripts, better to wait 'til it has loaded all the scripts 100% and do the in-app installation.
  2. Download then install this SafeStrap, run and grant root permission. Use the "Install Recovery" button wait until status should say "Installed" and your done with the process.
  3. From there, you can reboot your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A, the splash screen then comes up with choices "Recovery" and "Continue". Continue means that you will boot the unit in normal mode. However, choosing Recovery will put the device into custom recovery of TWRP.

Installing Custom ROM with Asian Language Support

I cooked this Asian firmware by merging two stock flashfiles I downloaded from support. The sole-AT&T firmware for SM-G900A and SM-G900I, an Asian variant. To be specific "G900IDVU1AND2" for Asian language pack and "G900AUCU1ANCE" from AT&T.

Aside from having English as the default language this firmware also supports;
  • Arabic Language
  • Chinese (Native)
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • and other Asian languages such as Indonesia.
  1. To install, first download the firmware I uploaded on Google Drive - Firmware with Asian Language Support (Arabic) for Samsung Galaxy SM-900A AT&T. Make sure that you have a good internet connection since this file has a size of (1.3GB).
  2. Extract, you will see two files after extracting. One is for the link shortcut back to Kwentology and the other one named "".
  3. Copy '' on your device internal storage. Remember the exact path where you placed it. I suggest put it on the main directory (Internal Storage ->
  4. Reboot your device in custom recovery.
  5. Make a back up.
  6. When back up is complete return to the main menu of custom recovery.
  7. Tap "Install" button.
  8. Locate the and do the dirty flashing.
  9. Wait until flashing is completed.
  10. When flashing is complete, go back to the custom recovery main menu and tap on the Reboot button and turn on your device into normal mode.
When all the steps were followed correctly you can now enjoy your Galaxy S5 on your own dialect. Select your prefer language whether Arabic, Chinese, Filipino and many more.
Note: Just a Few Reminders!
  • Although the whole device can be put on your selected language. The Samsung and Google Keyboard may only have English language. To have it fixed, download and install SwiftKey Keyboard on Google Play. It is a superb keyboard that supports Arabic and I'm using it personally.
  • The splash screen of AT&T will then removed, instead everytime your Galaxy S5 reboots an option of recovery will shows on the screen. Without doing anything, your phone will reboot to normal mode after 10 seconds. Tapping "Continue" also resumes to normal boot.
  • SafeStrap on the app drawer becomes unoperational, but custom recovery works fine. Deleting the app on your Application Manager retains the custom recovery. So, I guess removing it is a good choice anyway.
  • Root will temporarily unable to use. Install again the TowelRoot, tap make it ra1n, go back to the SuperSu app and install binaries.
  • You can also remove the TowelRoot app once rooting is complete.
  • It's better for BusyBox to remain untouched, you can use it to enjoy your rooted Galaxy S5.
This ROM was developed only for my personal purpose (as a Saudi friend requested an Arabic language). I been through a lot before able to compiled this in a single package. Plus, every firmware I downloaded consumes too much of my Internet data. Upon checking the web, many are having the same issue as mine. I'm happy to share this ROM for everyone.

I'm currently targeting to get at least $200 USD donation. Once I gathered enough funds for my other projects, this ROM of mine will be available for the public usage.

Update! The zip file password would be G900AofKwentology.
Thanks for the information I collected from different threads found in XDA-Forums and SamSony for providing mirror downloads for Arabic firmwares.

The original rooting procedure was taken from SamsungsFour.

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