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The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is waiting for the responses from candidates who are about to run for presidency. They sent letters to these presidentiables to explain, defend themselves and be excluded from the list of nuisance candidates.
Image of Total of 125 Presidentiables to Explain in Comelec
Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista stated that there are a total of 130 persons filed their candidacy for the presidency, 125 are among of those who will receive notice to explain from the Comelec.

There are some people who filed for their candidacy at the very first glance you will know that they are nuisance.

The responses of these candidates will be sent back to the Comelec law department. These will determine whether they are nuisance or not, and Comelec has to issue the rightful decision.

Bautista added, Comelec wrote those letter to give them the chance to prove why they should not be put on the nuisance list.

One of the main question mentioned by Bautista for them to passed the qualification is;
Financial stability, the money to spend for campaigning, 'is there someone or people who will going to support for their candidacy?', likewise the personal capacity will be the other option.
Bautista did not disclosed the five candidates that passed the screening.
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