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After being declared as Ebola-free last September, once more, a new confirmed case of Ebola have been recorded on Liberia. Bruce Aylward, head of World Health Organization (WHO) Ebola response, disclosed the information that a 10-year-old boy from Paynesville was diagnosed with Ebola virus just this November 14.
Image of A New Confirmed Case of Ebola in Liberia
Bruce Aylward:
The child has no known history of contact with a survivor or having been at a funeral [where an Ebola victim was buried.]
Until now, health officials are still tracking down the origin of this new Ebola case.
His father and mother had transient illnesses in the past few weeks, so obviously that could be one of the lines of transmission.
Initial investigation revealed that in the past few weeks his father and mother have been sick that could possibly cause the transmission of the deadly disease.
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