"Barong" for the APEC Delegates is a Philippine-Made Pineapple Fibers of Ilonggo ~ Kwentology

Barong Tagalog which were wore by the APEC delegates were specially made by the people of Aklan, Province of Panay (Iloilo). Piña cloth (pineapple clothing) warmth these delegates along with their better half while attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Summit in Metro Manila.
Image of Barong for the APEC Delegates is a Philippine-Made Pineapple Fibers of Ilonggo
According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial direrctor Engr. Diosdado Cadena, Piña (pineapple) fiber exclusively spent to create barong tagalog were among of the red Spanish type variety.

A company of Piña (pinya) weaving industry in Kalibo owned by Mr. Alan Tumbokon, provides the fundamental material, pineapple fiber which he said he imported from Negros Occidental. Pineapple weaving is a tradition in the province that were passed to every generations of Aklanons.

DTI, LGU-Kalibo and Aklan Piña Man-Tra Industry Association, supports the pineapple weaving business.
The fiber is extracted from the leaves of a native pineapple and then knitted manually until it turned to soft and smooth fabric.
Aside from its famous island of Boracay, Aklan is a well-known for its world-class barong, wedding gowns, robes, scarves and other garments.

The native pineapple are commonly imported from the mountainous area of Balete, Madalag, Libacao, Malinao and in Kalibo, Aklan.
The fabrics used for the symbolic costumes of every APEC leaders and their partners are combination of piña, abaca and cotton fibers.
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