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Happy days for street dwellers are here again. These people have been expecting for their long-awaited moment. And for them, the day is coming closer.
Image of Filipino Street Dwellers [Mga Pulubi at Yagit] To Take Vacation During APEC Summit
A special day for the street dwellers who are exposed in the broad streets, devastated while spending each of their daily lives in Roxas Boulevard and across Metro Manila. They can't help themselves to celebrate because they knew their vacation is approaching. What Kwentologist trying to point out is the massive evacuation of street dwellers living on the sidewalks, parks, under the trees and bridges. Street dwellers which are accompanied with their neighboring informal settlers. They will be hauled and take their vacation in a secluded resort. All for free and will receive payment right after.

On November 17 to 20 the APEC delegates will be visiting the Philippines to talk about the economy of all participating countries. From those days until the APEC Summit is completely finished, these street dwellers will be kept away, hidden and temporarily take refuge at a distance from their real life situation. Because it would expose the real situation of the country from what so-called "Tuwid na Daan".
Image of Street Children Caged To Keep The Streets Clean for the Pope's Visit To The Philippines
The Aquino Administration did this before, when the Pope Francis come to visit Philippines. Five days vacation were given to scavengers and street dwellers in a resort somewhere in Batangas, everything for free. This happened for one sole purpose... And that is to hide them from the Pope.

Why hide the truth? Why need to close several roads preventing motorists from passing and let their vehicles loop to such unconventional route? To let the delegates see how convenient the Philippines is? The fact the Philippine is facing a hellish traffic.
If holding APEC main purpose is to enhance economic growth, why not show them the real situation of Filipinos so that participating countries can propose or bring the rightful solutions, right?
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