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Recently, I encountered two Samsung Galaxy S4 with a variant I9500CHN. A Chinese model, if I go to Settings, tap on About, the phone is listed as i9500, however, once I put the phone into download mode it says the model is I9500CHN. To think, it's a standard I9500 Galaxy S4, so you might have tried flashing it using the generic Samsung I9500 firmware with Odin. However, you will end up with Odin message "Failed". Just like what happened to me. Now the phone stuck on Kies mode because of the firmware upgrade failure.

You can't get any suitable firmware for the phone, even if you try downloading Chinese firmware too. Those things won't work at all.

Don't worry there's nothing wrong with your Galaxy S4, it's a normal i9500. So, download your desired firmware better to choose the latest version and flash using Odin 3.09 or higher, everything will turn back to normal.

Here is a sample photo of Galaxy S4 in download mode [Odin Mode], you will see even behind the battery the sticker indicates GT-I9500 but booting it on download mode GT-I9500CHN appears.
Image of How to Flash Samsung Galaxy S4 'I9500CHN' to be Compatible with I9500

Bricked Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500CHN Solution

If ever you already tried making software for multiple times and still red box of Odin3 has error message 'Failed'. Follow these steps to successfully unbrick your Galaxy S4 I9500CHN.
  1. First, download the firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Remember to download firmware of I9500. I suggest to get tested firmwares from SamMobile or Samsony.
  2. Now, put the phone into Odin Mode (Download Mode) by pressing Home Button, Volume Down Button, and Power Button. As soon as the screen turned on release the power button but keep holding the Vol - and Home button until the screen comes up asking you for the download mode. Press Volume Up button to continue.
  3. Have your Odin3 ready, place the firmware on AP/PDA box. Plug your device on the computer, a box on Odin3 will display in which COM Port your device is currently connected. Having that info means that Odin3 successfully detected and recognized your device.
Everything is all up but one more thing is missing to have all this issue resolved. You need the PIT file for I9500, you can download it here. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and put "adonis_B.pit" as your PIT file.
Image of I9500CHN Bricked Solution
Now, it's complete start flashing wait 'til it's finished and your phone should reboot automatically. Problem is solved!

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500CHN/I9500 BootLoop or Logo Only Fixed!

If you stuck on bootloop or only Samsung Logo for almost 6-10 minutes, make a hard reset by pressing Home Button and Volume Up then Power button once screen is on release the power button but remain Vol + and Home buttons pressed until recovery appears. Do a wipe factory reset and clear cache. Turn on the phone again, your Samsung Galaxy S4 should work fine now. And, I9500CHN will also changed to I9500 after the software update.

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