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An estimated 27 people were killed during the hostage crisis in a hotel in Bamako, Mali. Reportedly, the first three deaths in the hostage crisis involving the two Malian, a French national, and a gunman.
Image of Mali Hostage Crisis Yet Another Terror Attack
However, after authorities successfully get inside the hotel. They've confirmed more lifeless bodies were found.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, the Malian army commander said that 20 hostages were already released. Terrorists breached the hotel and indiscriminately opened fire before taking the victims as their hostages. One of these terrorists did yelled "Allahu akbar" as witnesses explained.
The hostages include 140 guests and 30 employees of the hotel.
The hotel is then surrounded by the soldiers.

It was just a week after the terror attack in Paris, France, killing more than 100 people.
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