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A video that recorded a woman hurting an elderly woman—believed to be her own mother—somewhere in Belvedere Tanza Cavite is making rounds on Facebook. In the video, the woman is seen castigating the elderly woman by pushing her forehead in a forceful manner, punching and slapping her face for several times.
The old woman was begging her to stop, but due to the frail situation she left defenseless.

It said that the elderly woman suffers from day-by-day abuse, all you can hear is the screaming and crying.

The video entitled SOBRANG NAKAKAAWA was also uploaded in Kupal Lord Facebook page right after 4 hours this gathered almost 200,000 views.
Kaya pala talagang gawin ng isang anak ito sa kanilang magulang.
Nagmamakaawa na yung matanda sa kanya ayaw pa rin nyang tumigil sa pananakit dito. tss tsss
Nakakadurog ng puso.
Image of Elderly Woman Got Beaten Severely by Her Own Daughter
"Araw-araw po iyan ginagawa sa matanda. Madalas nga lang patago at puro iyak lang ang maririnig kaya ngayon lang nakunan ng bidyo."- Link sender

Paki kalat na lang para umabot sa kinauukulan
Where: Belvedere Tanza Cavite
#PublicService #NeedHelp #24Oras #TVPatrol #DSWD
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