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The City Mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte oath that he would going to implement a nationwide curfew if elected as the president in the 2016 national elections.

According to the Davao City Mayor on Wednesday, if he would be the president, as late as 1AM everything should be close for children, because he wants to protect them. He has a huge concern for the youth saying that there’s always a time for everything.
The Davao City Curfew
Going back to Davao, the city has been applying this curfew law for quite some time already. Under its regulation, any of these children 18 years old and below are prohibited to hang around between 10 pm and 5 am unless they are accompanied by their parents or guardians of legal age.
Anyone who violates the law, Duterte himself will order to arrest the parents of those children who caught roaming the city during the curfew.
Image of A Nationwide Curfew if Duterte Becomes the President
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