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Remember the video 'Fast Forward sa Daang Matuwid Mar Roxas Political Ads'? Well, everyone gathered to tell the disappointment on the presidential aspirant Mar Roxas.
Although, the video was full-packed of celebrities. Filipino are not impress with Mar Roxas video ad. It didn't made him cool at all.

Youtube however responded to hold the video. They asked to re-upload it again with proper tagging. I re-instated the video with the opening about the previous statistics.

Views 136,001
Likes 412
Dislikes 18,258
Comments 2,202

Fast Forward (The Rebump) Mar Roxas Political Ads is now uploaded.

Sorry guys but I can't bring back all your comments. Now, I want everyone to say something again.

Let the voice of Filipino be heard!
Image of Mar Roxas and Ramon Bautista Fist Bump
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