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We might been tired of getting a daily doze of news that is concerning Grace Poe existence. Grace Poe is an adopted daughter of the late Filipino-action star Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces. The foster parents are good enough to raised Grace Poe. Unfortunately, politics is full of icky business that somehow tainted the lady senator's viability.

She topped on the senatorial list of winners on the previous May 2013 election. The influence of the late Fernando Poe Jr. may have contributed to her political success. Since then, the senator was able to accumulate a huge reputation that led her to be on the prospected presidentiable. She even made it up to the number one spot which later she decided to run for the president.
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However, things didn't go smoothly as expected. Her certificate of candidacy (CoC) was declined by the Commission on Election (Comelec). It is due to her residency issue. Grace Poe applied to become a US citizen and abandoned being a Filipino. She returned after the death of Fernando Poe to re-instate his political goal. It was revealed that Poe re-applied for her dual-citizenship but haven't completed yet the 10 years residency to run for any electoral position.

Her political career is at stake. She may even lose her senatorial state. But Poe being disqualified from running for president didn't stop to serve her purpose. She's praying for Duterte's win over the possible disqualification cases he may be facing. It is clear that Poe has already give way to Duterte.

Grace Poe stepped through a lot of consequences. We can sense that she has a good faith why she run for the presidential seat. But it's too early, it is not time for her to lead the country as she have to abide the primary requirements. She needs to follow the constitution.

A Prize for Finding Grace Poe Parents

Meanwhile, in Bacolod City, a retired judge announced a P300,000 money reward to whoever give a truthful information helping Senator Grace Poe finding her real biological parents. Retired Judge Jesus Nograles Rodriguez Jr. stated that he with his 6 fellow golfers, and his friends in Negros Occidental will provide the funding to anyone who has the valid proof tracking the parents of the lady senator. A “solid and credible information” that's only need to answer these pending questions about Grace Poe being a natural-born Filipino.

Rodriguez, a retired judge also added that he is not a supporter or a friend of Poe, for him it's a patriotic act, his last will.
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