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The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, a non-government organization lead the endorsement of The Philippine Bird Festival which starts this December 9 to 11 in Balanga City, Bataan with the theme “Ibon at Kalikasan, Kayamanan ng Bayan.”
Image of The Philippine Bird Festival
The festivity goal is to raise awareness and appreciation for the Philippine birds. It is expected that thousands of birdwatchers, conservationists, nature enthusiasts, and school children will join together for the 10th Philippine Bird Festival that will last for 3 days.
WBCP president Gina Mapua said:
The main purpose of the bird fair is to showcase what birds are for, their ecological effect and contribution, and, how they can help us indicate how healthy the environment is. Without birds, there will be no forests – they are main planters of our forests. They are our ecological friends.
Filled with recreational birdwatching activities while educating people how to responsibly enjoy the nature. During the launching of the event in Quezon City recently, the organization are giving all their best to promote the protection for the birds because on the other hand, birds protect us.
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