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In North Texas, a woman who is already passed her menopausal stage give birth to a healthy baby girl. This happened after the woman agreed to be the vessel of her own granddaughter in the process of surrogation.

Kelly, the Baby, and Tracey
Image of Kelly, the Baby, and Tracey
Kelley McKissack, a 28-year old woman and her husband Aaron McKissack had undergone countless of infertility treatments all led to failure. Tracey Thompson, mom of Kelly offered to surrogate the child. Kelley McKissack already suffered from three miscarriages.

Doctors at The Medical Center of Plano releases statement on Thursday, there were four fertilized embryo left for the couple, this led to Tracey Thompson to voluntarily offered herself to be a surrogate even she has her menopause left 7 years ago.

Tracey Thompson give birth to a 6-pound 11-ounce girl after serving as surrogate for her 28-year-old daughter. Both grandmother and the child are in their best condition. The couple named the baby girl Kelcey, it is the combination of the grandmother's and the mother's name. The doctors implanted embryos in Thompson's womb last April and the result was amazing!
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