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A 13-year-old girl named Zhaohua (not her real name) was caught stealing some chocolate in a supermarket in China. Upon learning the deeds of the little child the supermarket management summons her parents and asked for the payment.

The amount supermarket wanted to collect at least ¥100 for the parents. However, Zhaohua’s parents can only cover ¥30 leading her mom to get additional money. While her mom is away, Zhaohua climbed up on the top of a tall building, at estimated 17th floor the jumped killing her on the spot.

Some people furious about supermarket method dealing such situation where a mere child is involved. This approach is a tragic reason for a young woman to commit suicide. Supermarket indeed did inhumane, instead they might need proper guidance to avoid the same thing happen again. Especially, if children is involved.
Image of In China a Young Girl Died After Stealing Chocolate
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