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The other day a taxi driver cursed and threatened his passengers was recorded in video. The passenger who took the video soon upload it on the Facebook which in an instant gone viral. The taxi driver forcing his passenger to pay an extra charge aside from the metered amount.

The passenger later known as Joanne Garcia who shared the said video on her Facebook account on Tuesday. Upon arriving at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) office the aggressive driver asked additional fees. The video is her solid evidence of how she was forcibly threatened by the cab driver when she refused to pay the amount other than the metered fare.

Mad Driver Busted!

Now, the taxi driver identified as Roger Catipay, surfaced on the main office of LTFRB in Quezon City together with AFG Taxi operator Ariel Gamboa. However, the taxi driver declined to go through drug testing this Wednesday. Roger Catipay added that he better ask legal advises first from his lawyer before submitting himself to the proceeding. LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez stated that if Catipay is taking up illegal drugs, and on the process is proven positive, this will lead AFG Taxi franchise for termination.

The driver and its operator were required to write a valid explanation why should AFG Taxi spared from suspension. Gamboa (the taxi operator) and Catipay (driver) have to draft it on the Certificate of Public Convenience for the expecting violations:
  1. harassment/arrogant driver
  2. driver threatens the life of its passenger
  3. contracting passenger
  4. overcharging of fare
  5. neglecting the metered fare for personal advantage

Drugged Driver to Face Lawsuit

On her statement, Joanne Garcia said she was forced by Catipay to pay P250 were she declined telling the driver to use the taxi meter instead. Before getting off at POEA office, the woman pay P200 since the fare is only P140. On her perspective, she should have change in return, but the taxi driver verbally abused his passenger. Catipay cursed his female passenger yelling that Garcia should be shoulder a P350 fee. The driver even demanded his passenger to leave the taxi as soon as possible which may even worsen the safety of his passenger. It's either the passenger may hit by other vehicles or taxi she riding on spurt immediately.
WATCH taxidriver gets furious with female passenger because of unsettled taxi fare in the Philippines.

The passenger believes that the driver is under the influence of illegal drugs. Right after the furious experience Garcia filed legal complaint against the inadmissible taxi driver.
Image of Taxi Driver Threatens Passenger Caught in Video Gone Viral on Facebook
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