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Philippine is an archipelago of the recent 7,107 island. However, some of these islands were totally occupied by China in the years of its aggressive movements in the disputed territory. That maybe a sad story since the China is keeping its man-made islands construction up to this day. And United Nations haven't made any solid decision yet.

But that is the sad part. So, let's talk about the recent discoveries of 400 plus “previously unknown” islands and add it to the 7,107 on record.

Yes, you read it right Filipinos! The news about the additional islands was made to public by the DENR.

The Philippines have more than 400 “previously unknown” islands that were discovered by the National Mapping and Resource Information (Namria). The Namria is a mapping agency under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources published these new found islands are mostly located in Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines.

The factors affecting the consideration of a landmass to be an island are;
  • The land should be still and above sea level specifically during the high tide.
  • And more importantly, the landmass can support plant and animal life.
With the help of the technology from the device known as Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar. The DENR counted a total of 7,500 islands in the archipelago. The declaration was made official by the DENR Secretary Ramon Paje in his statement last Wednesday while in Pasay City for the Philippine Environment Summit at the SMC Convention Center.

Image of Philippine Archipelago Now Has a Total Estimated 7500 Islands
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