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Invalid IMEI Due to Defective Flash Memory IC

Today, I'm going to share my personal experience on how I was able to "restore Lenovo X2-EU Invalid IMEI". Lenovo X2-EU IMEI becomes "NULL" or invalid due to some reason. For hardware, the null IMEI may be cause by a faulty eMMC. The flash memory IC that stores the software data of the entire device. Once the piece of IC is defective, sure the IMEI information will be corrupted.

Flashing Can Cause Invalid IMEI

For software there are two primary reasons most of the time;
  • There are times that your Lenovo Vibe X2-EU stops responding, hang on logo or worst is dead-set because of software problem. You do the flashing via USB to computer, this allows the phone to revert back to its new state. Everything is cleared, the phone is back on. But for the IMEI, it may had been deleted as well making it "Invalid" or "NULL".
  • The second is when you do the "Hard Reset" on your Lenovo Vibe X2-EU. MTK chip is not really dependable in keeping the phone's IMEI. There are countless people experienced losing the IMEI after making the hard reset.

How to Fix Lenovo Vibe X2-EU Invalid IMEI

Image of Restore Lenovo Vibe X2-EU Invalid IMEI
So to fix it you can try the Engineering Mode on every MTK devices, you can pull it up by dialing certain number combination or by the help of Engineering shortcut app.

However, I tried those tricks before but none are working. So, I ended up with a new procedure. I rooted my device, grab IMEI from the other phone and restored it using Mobileuncle Tools.

So here is the entire procedure...
  1. First root your device, go to Settings->About->Tap the "Build number" repeatedly for 5 times this will reveal the Development options.
  2. Go to back to Settings, look for the "Development options" and enable the USB debugging.
  3. Now, using your PC download and run iRoot or KingoRoot. These computer softwares have 100% accuracy to root your Lenovo X2-EU.
  4. Once rooted, go to Settings->Security->enable "Unknown sources" so we can install any apps that weren't downloaded from the Playstore.
  5. Download and install Mobileuncle Tools v3.1.4.apk on your phone.
  6. The most important file we need is my backed up IMEI that I got from my other Lenovo X2-EU. Get it also from my Google drive, put it on your phone memory. File should be place in the main directory sdcard/IMEI.bak (for phone memory) or sdcard1/IMEI.bak if you choose to put it on a memory SD card.
  7. Open the Mobileuncle, grant root access and restore the IMEI, reboot the phone and the process is completed.

Just a Thoughtful Reminder

Please take note that this IMEI was taken from the other Lenovo X2-EU and simply means that the IMEI written at the back of your battery compartment is not the same with your phone from now on. Rebuilding the exact IMEI for the your phone however is possible but requires much technical skills and software boxes.

Without fixing the Lenovo X2-EU invalid IMEI rendering your device network call, text and data connection useless. This tutorial aim to restore the lost IMEI making the phone fully functional.
The sources for this tutorial are available inside the spoiler box below. You can find helpful information so take time reading, it can be a big help! Also, a video on Youtube for the solution of Lenovo Vibe X2-EU Invalid IMEI was uploaded for the further reference.
Please Click:
Rooting procedure and "Engineering Mode" can be view by following the link of How To Fix Invalid IMEI of Huawei Y600.

The IMEI.bak for Lenovo Vibe X2-EU is password protected. You can get the password by following this link and unlock the spoiler on the article.
Thank you for reading posted on the website if you want to redistribute this article please include the link as the source. Have some kuwento to share? !

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Password for IMEI please? thank you


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Password for IMEI please?


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it's on the article already, please read back.


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Password for IMEI please?