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Huawei Y520-U22 is one of the Huawei devices that is really hard to root. Even the computer softwares like iRoot or KingoRoot cannot do anything when it comes to rooting the device.

So, after numbers of try and error. I was able to cook a firmware that has 100% permanent root.

Features of Y520-U22 Pre-Rooted Firmware

  • The rooted firmware has CWM custom recovery good for back up, restore and flashing custom ROM.
  • The ROM has deactivated OTA (Over-the-Air) update so no worry about bricking or loosing the root.
  • Use MobileUncle or MTK Engineering App to fix the invalid IMEI.
I uploaded the video on Youtube about Y520-U22 "Rooted" Firmware, and please check the sources below for important links. You need FlashTool and MTK drivers to flash the rooted firmware.
Please Click:
Image of Huawei Y520-U22 Pre-Rooted Firmware

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