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Today, my domain registration for my website "Kwentology.com" was updated. To get rid of any on-site glitches I ran some snippets and ended up, searching my own website in Google search, clever, isn't it? But I don't want to go through a lot of technicalities since this article is not meant for cyber-brained monkeys like me.

This is for simplicity, living in a rural world of love.

Guess what...? I found something very interesting about my old place, the where I go to redeem myself. Still the best place ever!

This blog post of mine is entitled "A Ticket-FREE Ride Back to Balangigay."
Yeah, this is very obvious. We can travel back to our beloved Sitio Balangigay, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, Philippines for FREE!

A Reasonable Disappearances

Image of Balangigay
There's no doubt that most of the people have to leave Balangigay to find a better job, a way to survive the daily basis. Fishing is a livelihood not designed for everyone, I guess. However, the fact says that huge population of Balangigay depends on fishing. My old man is a fisherman too, even my siblings, me as well. But look at me now, some of us were been too distance away from Balangigay.

Some went to Metro Manila, some on the other provinces, and most of the cases working overseas. Talking of leaving Balangigay comes the word "tinuig" (yearly). Yes, you have to deal of your loneliness, home sick, and anything for year or years, sometimes decades. On the record, I have my sisters slipped visiting Balangigay for almost 10 years and beyond. That "financially unstable" thing causes the bad news.

Longing for Home

  • For time had passed, there are changes we missed to witness. Such as, a known person who passes away when you're not in Balangigay, did I scared you? Hahaha, yeah, for sure it will give you a shock learning that someone you know had already found his resting peace.
    Sometimes, there are other people who find their way into other... not in the other world, but in other... else's wife. (Nadakpan gid, asawa ni kwan kag ang bana ni ano! Eksklusibo!) LOL, do I need to start a rumor here?
  • Connecting Purok Masagana and Purok Lampirong roads is not going to be a concrete cement, but the pavement comes after election. See? I am good at fabricating stories. But this promises always comes from a mouthful local politicians.
  • Another stuff about Balangigay, the rapid growth of children's population. Thanks, anyway for the huge family planning (next year liwat ah).
  • Do you still remember Lola Openg? Well, by God's grace if ever she is still capable and active in her profession. The 99% of Balangigay children are born in this world with her help. That's the truth, even our parent's parent are there because of Lola Openg.
    Image of Lola Openg
    Hey, check your birth certificate or your parent's birth certificate anyway, and look for Guadalupe Trumpeta.
I think that's a lot of details somehow. Let's move on forward, and I will tell you how to travel back in Balangigay for FREE and less effort.

Balangigay is Now in Google Maps Street-View

My Google Page for Kwentology is constantly uploading photos of our beloved Balangigay especially shared pictures taken by members of our Facebook group. Credit and sources is yours people of Balangigay.

Fortunately, Google is also updating their Google Maps and I was filled with excitement after I found out that Balangigay, or I guess the rest of Negros Occidental has street-view already. The crazy thing about it is some of people from Balangigay were caught by Google roving 3D cameras. You're lucky to get taken and being a part of Google 3D Imagery Map, a 360 degrees viewpoint.

There are 3 Ways to get into Balangigay Street View

  1. The first one, using the Google Maps with the help of an app or by visiting the link maps.google.com using web browsers. Drag the Human-like figure (Street-view icon) along roads of Balangigay.
    Image of Human-like figure (Street-view icon) along roads of Balangigay
  2. Second option is go to Google.com and search for Kwentology, then click "See Outside" to get to Street-view mode.
    Image of Street view mode Balangigay
  3. The third one is the easiest, click this link I'd provided to instantly enter the 3D, 360 degrees, real imagery of Balangigay street-view.
Before you get to enjoy the scenery, can you guess who are these lucky people caught in the Street-view of Sitio Balangigay?

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