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It's been a few days since Maine Mendoza is nowhere to be found in 'sugod bahay' of "Juan For All" Eat Bulaga segment. There is a quiet speculation that 'YayaDub' will going to quit her role as a nanny.

Recently, Maine together with Alden Richards went to Broadway studio hosting Trumpet Challenge portion which right after heeled down 'YayaDub' to go home early.
Image of Maine together with Alden Richards
Wine and dine with Maine, Dabarkads teased energetic Alden Richards last Monday morning. Maine fans requested the management to exempt her momentarily from "Juan For All" of Eat Bulaga 'sugod bahay'. Gathered crowds of Eat Bulaga 'sugod bahay' often causes 'YayaDub' in pain.

How is it possible? Can really Maine embrace her real name on-screen?

From 'YayaDub' to Maine Mendoza

The answer is YES! In kalyeserye previously, Divina went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get her birth certificate. Daddy Doodz (Vic Sotto) said that he left a paper revealing her true identity. Disappointed and heartbroken, Divina returned home with her birth certificate stating that her true name is Maine Mendoza. Her mother's name was Ursula Zobel de Ayala Mendoza, the father's name is Teodoro Dubsmash, occupation, gardener. It seems there is still mystery left for why is her last name is Mendoza and not Dubsmash?

Ima­gine You & Me

Kalyeserye made a huge twist hinting Divina's name change reflecting the real Maine Mendoza on and off screen. A major break for Alden and Maine for their very first solo movie together, Ima­gine You & Me.
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