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It's hard to tell but there's something strange about the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton. The noodles is a little bit firm but...
Image of Old Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Yes, the Philippines leading pancit canton is one of the top trending internet topics nowadays. But why maker made such changes turning out Filipinos to criticize the product and even claimed that the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton is "fake." Talking about "fake" involving consumer goods is really frightening subject.

Why Fix Something that Isn't Broke?

But wait, let's end the argument of having fake Lucky Me Pancit Canton on our plate. Monde Nissin which is the company behind the classical pancit canton speak up saying that the major transformation is for the product improvement. Although what happened is contrary from their expectation, Melissa Pabustan of Monde Nissin told the report that they are considering evaluation on the old pancit canton so they can retain what people's loved about it and add such mysterious ingredient to the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

There is Always Something Good with the Old

Image of new versus old Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Is there any chance for the old Lucky Me Pancit Canton to make its comeback in the market? Right now, it's complicated. Monde Nissin recently launched its clothing brand Uniqlo, by examining the statement from the management there are two possibilities for the Filipino's favorite instant pancit canton.
  • Maintaining the classic savory from the old Lucky Me Pancit Canton is challenging specifically if you're trying some improvement. Altering how this product is produce can cause unfavorable result. And this is what happen for today's new Lucky Me Pancit Canton.
  • The second one, Monde Nissin may preserve the old Lucky Me Pancit Canton but sure the product is sealed with new packaging, at least no alteration occurs but just the plastic bag with its new printout for branding.

Losing in the Market

It may take sometime for the people to embrace the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton. If not this is a major downfall for Monde Nissin. I even asked my wife there in the Philippines about that new Lucky Me Pancit Canton since I'm working abroad. Monde Nissin is receiving huge complaints on there from loyal direct consumers, and big distributors. Warehouse facilitator had also warned Monde Nissin about the decreasing demands of their products.
Wala kaming stocks ng pancit canton dito kasi pangit nga lasa kaya meron ako dito biscuits lang.
I requested her to take photos of the said pancit canton but it's no use. She refrain from buying that new Lucky Me Pancit Canton due to its horrible taste.
Image of Lucky Me Pancit Canton horrible taste
Judging from its new look the the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton noodles became thicker, the seasoning became saucier and from typically square, its shape right from the package became round.

But not all improvement is good, sometimes old is good enough.
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Goodbye Lucky Me!! I swear Payless Xtra Big Canton tastes like the old Lucky me.....


Please bring back the old lucky me pansit canton..mas masarap pa rin ung dati..sana ibalik na lang mas malinamnam at malasa..kumpara sa ngayon.