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Do you still have your old chemistry book? Everyone should have at least one textbook about chemistry somewhere in our life. The book of chemistry has a “Periodic Table of Elements” printed on its pages.

Old Chemistry Textbooks

Take a look at it, it is very old and totally outdated. If you are curious about the chemistry today then I suggest you should buy a new chemistry textbook.

If you remember, – the ones with the atomic numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118 – were finally given names.

Depending on how old the book of chemistry is, those elements either blank, weren’t there before or don’t have names yet. Let’s think out of the box, saying that the Periodic Table of Elements isn’t yet completed. Creating artificial elements or discovering a new one takes years to finish.
Image of The New Periodic Table of Elements
Human can go beyond, and scientists have their huge brain-power to create more new super-heavy elements in row 8, those elements with atomic numbers of 119 and so on. How they going to such discoveries? Well, no one knows.

However, they managed to create and named four latest elements. To do the job, scientist had to smash lighter elements together using a gigantic device like particle accelerators. Most of the time, creating a very single atom for the new element took a millions of collisions.

The Bigger the Elements the Hard to Keep its Existence

The problem is, once an atomic nucleus reaches a certain size, example Uranium with atomic number 99, any elements greater than Uranium becomes unstable.

The power that holding all the neutrons and protons of the nucleus together is not enough to stabilize over long distances, specially when there are more particles involved. Meaning, the bigger the elements the unstable it becomes, they break easily and tend to decay. The remains later reverted back to other atoms with smaller nuclei.
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