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The very lead consumers to negatively pay no interest on buying the product. Instead, is flooded with petition pushing them to revert it back to how it was before. Posted messages like "" is among of the feedbacks the page is receiving.

Apart from its terrible taste, the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton is very expensive. Similar competing brands took advantage on this breakage giving the opportunity to advertise the factor of new Lucky Me Pancit Canton is lacking. To name a few, Quickchow and Payless did a good marketing strategy.
Quickchow Philippines
Image of Mag-Quickchow Pancit Canton! Swak sa sarap at sulit sa presyo!
Hold on ka pa ba kung nagbago na sya? 😥

Move on ka na! Mag-Quickchow Pancit Canton! Swak sa sarap at sulit sa presyo! 8 pesos SRP lang for 65g!

Available in Classic, Chilimansi, and Toyomansi flavors.

Quickchow Pancit Canton, The Ulamancit at Palamancit!
Horrible pancit canton keeps a chronic kidney infections away. If we go deep down the reason behind this allegedly improvement. We can realized that everything was fabricated for business and not for consumer's interest.

Old Lucky Pancit Canton on Online Sale

Speaking about businesses, one of Lucky Me pansit canton loyalist send me a private message about the posted Lucky Pancit Canton ads found in OLX.

OLX, formerly is one of the Philippines buy and sell website where services and goods are traded online.
The Last Surviving Classic Lucky Pancit Canton?
Image of The Last Surviving Classic Lucky Pancit Canton
I log on to OLX page after receiving that message. Based on the screenshot, this ad was posted by certain user "thenonhacker."

The description stated as "This is the Classic Original Lucky Me Pancit Canton, regular size."

The advertiser added some additional information;
  • Five Time Winner Reader's Digest SuperBrands for Instant Noodles Category
  • Classic Flavor-Absorbing Noodles
  • Seasonings will not slide off the noodles
  • Tastier than the BIG smooth, but bland noodles
Last Stock On Earth!!!

The seller even marked the shipment fees starting from PHP69.00 for Metro Manila, Rizal and Cavite area. Provincial shipping rate of PHP109.00.

But the problem here is the sky-rocketed price of P499.00? A taste of the old Lucky Me Pancit Canton for PHP500.00, LOL!

Nice Bluff for Lucky Me Pancit Canton Fever!

Well, it turn out that the advertisement is a sort of frank or it's either under the review of OLX. I tried searching the user and the posted product but the website gives me a zero results.

A famewhore, someone who is eagerly looking for attention online is taking advantage of this trend. So, next time be careful, avoid being scammed or victimized of phishing while using the internet.

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