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A special child with extraordinary talent! Please watch and share this video, see how this little angel offered her talent and touched the heart of netizens.

There was a little child who asked a favor to record her a video as she sings. She has a huge faith that by filming herself singing will soon lead her dreams to come true. And that's what happen! After her video was uploaded on Facebook it gathered tremendous likes and shares.

Despite the fact she is a special child, our heart melted upon witnessing this young woman's exceptional optimism.
We are impressed with the girl! She's longing for a chance to stage her talent in The Voice Kids Philippines and be a member of Team Sharon Cuneta.

Her name is Princess Angel Lihao, 10 years old T'boli, live in Lambanig POB. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Mindanao.

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God will surely bless you as always Princess Angel.
Image of Special Child with extraordinary talent
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