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Made in Philippines product is no more for Chinese netizens. A bitterly response from China after loosing to the tribunal ruling. Philippines is one of the countries with the highest exports of agricultural goods such as bananas and mangoes. Local and foreigners truly loved "dried mangoes" made by the Filipinos, however for Chinese people these will going to be spurn out.
Image of Local and foreigners truly loved dried mangoes
Chinese prospected tourists even vowed to stay foot away of Philippines, calling off holiday trips.

These statements however is directly not from the Chinese government, but from Chinese online communities. Though, unofficial the possibilities are huge.

Chinese to Boycott Philippine Products

As a form of retaliation, Chinese citizens urged their government to impose economic sanctions against the Philippines. With almost 1.4 billion population, known Chinese celebrities went to social media protesting China's claim of “nine-dash line” wrapping up the entire south China sea.

Nine-dash line was the evidence China submitted to prove the country's historical territory. It covers the bodies of water surrounding the nations like;
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • and the Philippines
Recently, China disputed the Arbitral Court decision saying that the verdict has no credibility, and all are because of political motivation. China stated that they have 66 different nations backing them up.

Although, the world is heated about these arguments, potential bilateral talks is up ahead between China and the Philippines.
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