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World wide web involving social media such as Facebook loads tremendous information. Numbers of social media fan pages emerged in a sudden, gathering thousands of shares and likes in a very unexpected rate. Netizens tend to follow these fan pages for brief of entertainment, news, videos and breaking through viral things an internet could offer.

The Famous Duterte in Muntinlupa?

Well, our beloved President Duterte is always on the trend. This maybe the reason why Facebook is bundled up with different Duterte pro and anti communities, like groups and pages. Today, one of these pages managed to hit the fame by posting something in favor of the President Duterte. However, the post about President Duterte secretly riding a motorcycle going to Muntinlupa, undertaking the way he did in Davao turn out to be fake!

The local government of Muntinlupa City already validated that the said incident never happened. Not even the president himself took a personal inspection on Muntinlupa. Without any question, the Facebook page Duterte for Real Change gave a wrong information to the people. The hoax story about President Duterte on Muntinlupa however reaches thousands of shares and likes, meaning the page seeded misleading information massively.

Hoax Story of President Duterte Rode a Motorcycle

Based on the report submitted by GMA News, Public Information Officer Tez Navarro narrated that the story has a false claim. But in any case if the President Duterte visited Muntinlupa, he added that it would truly be an honor for the people of Muntinlupa and the local government.

Clearing up overpasses, bridges, and sidewalks such as in Alabang was completed last July 12 with collaboration of Muntinlupa local government.
Duterte for Real Change posted:
Image of Duterte never visited Muntinlupa, GMA News publishing a fake Duterte story, Duterte for Real Change, Duterte rode his motorcycle around Muntinlupa, Digong told Fresnedi he wanted all the vendors out of the streets and inside the market selling area, Mayor Jaime Fresnedi
Patagong Inikot ni Pres. Duterte ang Metro Manila at isa sa mga naikot nya ang Muntinlupa. Nakita nya ang daming mga tindahan na nakaharang sa sidewalk at nagiging cause ng traffic, kaya dumirecho agad si Pres. Duterte sa Office ng Mayor. Ayaw papasukin si Pres. dahil ito ay naka Helmet. Kaya tinanggal nya ito at laking gulat ng mga Guardiya na si Pres. Duterte ang nakasakay sa Motor. Na alarma ang Office Of the Mayor at sinalubong agad si Pres. Duterte. Sinabi ni Pres. Duterte tanggalin ang lahat ng mga tindahan sa sidewalk. Agad agad pinagawa ni Mayor. At simula ngayon maluwag na nakakaraan ang Kalsada.
The Muntinlupa local government also discloses that the Mayor Jaime Fresnedi is currently in Singapore for the World Cities Summit.

Attracting Attention in a Sensational Nature

Let us take everything in mind, considering the character of our President Duterte this story, or Duterte himself surely can do this job. So next time, be careful in everything, Internet is world wild web for information are true or just a click bait.
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