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West Philippine Sea Coalition totally disapproved the potential sharing of resources in the West Philippine Sea. It's only for Filipinos and China must stay away from these nature's assets. A statement uttered by the former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Sec. Rafael Alunan, one of the convenors of West Philippine Sea Coalition right after the Philippines won the court trials against China in the International Arbitral Tribunal.
Image of West Philippine Sea Resources Solely for Filipinos Should NOT Share with China
According to Alunan, the decision of the Tribunal clearly suggest that the bodies of waters claimed by China is within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Philippines. Instead, Alunan proposed that the Duterte government should summon representatives from China to visit the Philippines and discuss the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal.

When both parties understand all containing forms of the court decision, two nations can start a formal negotiations. Also, he stated that the government together with the Philippine Coast Guard should strengthen their patrolling in the West Philippine Sea. This is to ensure fishing in the disputed area is safe for Filipino fishermen.

China to Leave Disputed Waters

Aside from the Philippine Coast Guard, Alunan is convinced that allied countries safeguarding the West Philippine Sea will never forsake Filipino fishermen especially now that the International Arbitral Tribunal is in favored of Philippines.

Alunan said, China's best option is to leave the territory and let United Nations (UN) use the infrastructure they built in the West Philippine Sea.
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